Blue & Green 5K

Thank you to all who participated in our Blue & Green 5K event on Saturday, May 11 at Colonel Francis Beatty Park in Matthews.  Whether you contributed as a runner, a walker, a volunteer, or a sponsor, your contribution made a difference for the Haines family.  We were able to raise $15,177 for the Haines family as a result of this event.

The event was covered by News 14 CarolinaNews 14 Carolina.

Thank you!


The Active Charity Foundation

In the fall of 2012, Bryant and Laura Haines learned that their son Evan (15) had a rare disease called Nephronophthisis.  As a result of this disease, he would require months of dialysis treatment followed by a kidney transplant.  Shortly afterward, another of their sons, Eli (11), was diagnosed with the same disease.

Even after insurance meets its portion of the medical costs, the out-of-pocket expense to the Haines family is substantial.  The estimated 2013 cost to the family will exceed $200,000.  Additional costs for ongoing treatment will be needed in subsequent years.

The Active Charity Foundation was established to provide a way for friends, family, and others who want to help the family through this difficult time.  The organization:

  1. Accepts donations online
  2. Organizes events to enable people to contribute actively to the cause
  3. Ensures that all donated funds are used in accordance with the organization's disbursement policy

The organization has no paid staff.  All donated funds are used for medical expenses associated with the kidney transplants or for modest expenses associated with fund-raising activities.  Gifts of all sizes are accepted.  No donation is too small, and every gift is greatly appreciated.

The Haines family also maintains a blog on this website, where you can follow their progress and hear their amazing stories.  We also encourage visitors to sign our guest book and to leave your best wishes for the Haines family.

Thank you for your support!

Local News Story

Evan and Eli were featured in a news story recently on Charlotte's WCNC - Watch the  video below or read a transcription of the story herehere.

Palmetto Mornings

Evan and Eli Haines had their debut on 94.3 WRHI Palmetto Mornings with Chuck and Freddi. Listen to the interview below:

What. A. Year.

Today, August 10, 2013, marks one year since we recieved that fatefull call that no parent wants to get. A doctor called with the unfortunate news that Evan (15) had End Stage Kidney Failure and must be admitted at Levine Children's Hospital for emergent care. Laura was standing in front of my desk hlding the phone to her ear and mouthed the words to me "it's not good" as her eyes filled with tears. Two months and a lot of shock later, Eli (11) was diagnosed with the same rare genetic disease.

Fast forward to today, and these same two (mostly) innocent boys have each recieved their transplanted kidneys. Both boys are in good health - better than they've had in years - and recovering from their respective operations. Eli's transplant was less than three weeks ago, thanks to his very loving Aunt Jessica! They are dependent upon a variety of anti-rejection and related medications, but can now enjoy a much more "normal" life than when they were on dialysis. (Confession here - we already miss the nurses at the Pediatric Dialysis Unit). 

Yes. We have survived! We have held together and pulled through the greatest challenge that life has thrown at us (thus far; not an invitation), and we have come out even stronger than before. We have come out with a broader definition of family and friends. We have come out with a greater appreciation for the little things. This first year in our new life has been an amazing year. And many of you have made that possible. Thank you.

And please continue your prayers, kind words, spreading the message, and help with fundraising. We have raised a solid $94K, and still need to raise another $156K this year to meet our goal. While the transplants are done and the worst of the expenses are now incurred, we have a lot (lot) to look forward to and to pay in the near future.

Thank you for making this crazy, horrid, wonderful, blessed, challenging, embracing, scary, loving, mind blowing year a lot more wonderful, blessed, embracing and loving.